German Studies


Information on places across Brown University and International to enhance your German Studies learning.

Brown University

We expect our graduate students to participate in the Cogut Institute for the Humanities at Brown University. The institute organizes events such as lecture series, symposia and conferences and also provides a number of fellowship opportunities to faculty and graduate students.
Students are also encouraged to become engaged in the activities of the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning and to build strong teaching portfolios with the help of the Center and by availing themselves of departmental resources such as supervised teaching.


The John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library is the primary teaching and research library for the humanities at Brown. It has an excellent collection in German Studies and related fields of interest.
Various other specialized collections are located in the John Hay Library

Brown University participates in a collaboration with other research libraries in the New England area so that faculty and students have access to any material they might need.


The department has a cotutelle agreement with the University of Tübingen that allows students to pursue a combined Dr. phil. / Ph.D. degree. Students interested in this option should contact the Director of Graduate Studies upon entering the program.
Graduate students in their third or fourth years have the option to apply for a one-semester stay at the Humboldt University in Berlin. In their application, they must state clearly why their research would benefit from spending a semester in Berlin and whom they have chosen as their mentor while at the Humboldt University. A letter in support of the project from the mentor should accompany the application.

Max Kade Distinguished Visiting Professor

The Department regularly welcomes a Max Kade Distinguished Visiting Professor of German Studies who teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the program. Recent visiting faculty include: Sven Kramer (2011, Lüneburg), Dieter Thomä (2012, St. Gallen),  Dirk Oschmann (2013, Leipzig), and Alexander García Düttmann (2015, Berlin). In addition, in recent years the philosopher and critic David Farrell Krell has served as the Department’s Brauer Distinguished Visiting Professor.

Additional Information

Information about coursework, foreign language requirements, the qualifying exam, dissertation and teaching.